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The Millennium Family Resource Centre is committed to enhancing the well being and the quality of life for all members of our community. We will do this in an inclusive way by encouraging and facilitating participation in education, training and development programmes and by providing information and support for families, individuals and groups.

Our Aims

1. To support individuals and groups within the community to bring about positive change and have a say in decisions which affect their lives.

2. To foster participation in educational/training/development programmes.

3. To make available at local level information to assist local people develop their own skills.

4. To develop a sense of friendship, co-operation and neighbourliness as we work together to overcome the barriers experienced by our own community.

5. To develop relationships and alliances with other agencies and organizations to bring about a more equal society that will empower local people to tackle local problems.

Our History

The Millennium Family Resource Centre was a targeted project under the CDSP programme of the Department of Social Community & Family Affairs. This project is unique within the South East in that it is located in a rural community serving four parishes (3 Catholic and 1 Church of Ireland) in Slieveardagh. The project purchased a building in 2002 and took ownership in 2003. Since then we have renovated and developed the centre to the highest standard, providing quality facilities including: Pre School Unit, Catering/Training Kitchen, dedicated training rooms for IT and general purposes, meeting rooms and a family counselling room, Administration offices and telecommunications (we are the first centre/business in the area to have satellite Broadband). All these developments have been made possible by generous support and partnerships of Government Departments, Local Development companies, Local Authority and FAS. We also purchased a project bus in 2003.

The Principles of Community Development

The Project works from the following principles: An anti-poverty, anti-exclusion focus Community Development Principles of Inclusion, Participation, Equality, Non-Discrimination and Non-Sexist Policies and Practice The principle of involving representatives of groups which experience poverty and social exclusion within out management structures Being a resource for Community Development Activity in the area Providing co-ordination between community, voluntary and statutory groups in the area



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