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Our custom built childcare unit and secure outdoor play area offers pre-school and Homework Club activities by our fully trained and professional staff.  Pre-school opening times are from 9.25am - 1.00pm Mon-Fri.  Homework Club opening hours are from 3.00pm to 4.15pm.  There are two qualified adult supervisors in attendance at all times, who manage the service and support the children's development.

Free places for children aged between 3 years, 2 months and 4 years, 7 months on the 1st September.

Reduced costs for social welfare recipients.  Please see childcare schemes page to see if your circumstances qualify you to avail of these.  Othewise cost per morning per child is €14.00 or €70.00 a week. 


Members of:

1 The Irish Preschools and Playschool Association (IPPA) and

2 National Children Nurseries Association (NCNA) we comply with their ethos for educating and caring for children.

3 Registered with the Health Board

4 Member of the County Childcare Committee.


Staff Recruitment, Training/Qualifications

The MFRC have a recruitment policy in the event of needing new staff.  Staff are required to be trained or are in training in childcare to a minimum of FETAC Level 5 Childcare.  All staff required to have Garda Clearance.  Staff also attend training courses and in-service training during the year.  Student/work experience students are required to have Garda Clearance and references from the tutor.



Christine Butler - Childcare Manager - FETAC Level 6 Childcare

Fiona McMnaogle - Room Leader - FETAC Level 5 Childcare

Nora McGrath - Play Leader - FETAC Level 5 Childcare

Amanda Hanley - FETAC Level 5 Childcare

Work Experience Students



Below are the following Childcare schemes the Centre accommodates:

Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE) scheme - Your Free Pre School Year

The ECCE scheme provides a free pre-school year in a childcare service in the year before children start primary school.   The scheme is universal and is open to all parents regardless of income.

Is my child eligible for a place?

If your child is aged between 3 years, 2 months and 4 years, 7 months on the 1st of September each year they are eligible for a place for one year.  For example: 

If your child was born between February 2nd 2006 and June 30th 2007 you are eligible for a free place from September 2010.

If your child was born between February 2nd 2007 and June 30th 2008 you are eligible for a free place from September 2011.

If your child is eligible for both years you can choose which September you would like your child to start their preschool year.

How do I get a place?

Parents must sign up for the scheme before September of the year they wish their child to avail of the place.

What about children with special needs?

Children who have been assessed by the HSE or a treating consultant as having special needs which delay their entry to school may be entitled to the pre-school year over a two year period.  In these cases parents should apply directly to the Office of the Minister for Children & Youth Affairs.  Call on 01-6354000.

What will it cost?

If your child is eligible you are entitled to a number of free pre-school hours, 5 days per week and depending on your needs you can access this for either 38 weeks or 50 weeks per year.

A grant or capitation is paid directly to your service provider for your childs place.

The free preschool subsidy is only available for a limited number of hours and weeks per year.

You will have to pay an additional fee where your child is attending the service for more than the free preschool hours.



Childcare Education & Training Support (CETS) Scheme

Free childcare places are available to eligible FAS & VEC trainees under the Childcare Education & Training Support scheme.

Is my child eligible for a free CETS place?

Parents who are doing a FAS or VEC course can get free childcare under this scheme.  Talk to your FAS or VEC co-ordinator to find out if you can get a free CETS childcare place.

How do I access a place?

You should contact the course coordinator for the training course and check if you are eligible for a place.

Contact us to arrange a visit to our centre!

If my course is only 10 weeks long can I access a CCS place (see below) once the course is over?

It is only possible to sign up for CCS in September so if you've done this you should be able to take up a CCS place.

What type of service am I entitled to?

Depending on the course you are doing you may be able to access one of the following:

A full day place  (10 hours per day)

A half day place (5 &1/2 hours per day)

An afterschool place (at least 3 hours per day)

How much will it cost?

The centre will be paid directly by the Office of the Minister for Children & Youth Affairs.  You will not be charged for the place.



Community Childcare Subvention Scheme (CCS)

The Community Childcare subvention scheme is a childcare subsidy scheme through which eligible parents can access childcare places in community childcare facilities at reduced costs.

Is my child eligible for a subsidised place?

It depends on your own circumstances and if you are receiving a social welfare payment.

What will it cost?

Your childcare service will receive a subsidy under this scheme that reduces the amount of childcare fees you pay.  The subsidy is deducted from the weekly cost of your childcare fees and you pay the balance.

Are there different subsidies available depending on my circumstances?

Yes, there are two bands of subsidies available depending on your entitlements and the type of childcare services you need, please see table below.

How do I get a place?

Parents must sign up for the scheme before September of the year they wish their child to avail of the place.  Parents are required to provide their PPS number as part of the application process.  This is sent to the OMCYA to check your entitlement to a subsidy.  Contact to centre to arrange a visit!

What happens if my status changes for example I get a job or lose my job?

Parents can sign up for the scheme in September each year.  If your circumstances change you may have to provide proof to your childcare provider in order to access a different rate.  If you have queries about this check with your County Childcare Committee.


 Band A    With CCS
 No. of Children  Cost of 1 Session €  Weekly Cost €
 1  €4.00 per child   €20.00 per week
 2  €8.00  €40.00 per week for two 
 Band B    Weekly Fees include Subvention 
 No. of Children  Cost of Session €  Weekly Cost €
 1 €9.00 per child   €45.00 per child
 2  €18.00  €90.00 for two
 Band C    Weekly Fees (no Subvention)
 No. of Children  Cost of Session  Weekly Cost €
 1  €14.00 per child  €70.00
 2  €24.00  €120.00









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