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Barnardos Visit to MFRC

Barnardos will be visiting our centre on Tuesday 27th of August from 10.30am to 12 noon to discuss the supports and services they provide.  This presentation will benefit teachers/parents/childcare providers & students.


MFRC Strategic Plan Launch & Brothers of Charity Community Tree Day

MFRC will be launching their 3 year strategic plan on Monday 26th of March at 1.30pm.  The Brothers of Charity Services will also be launching their Community Tree day where they will be celebrating their community connections.  Senator Denis Landy will be launching the event, refreshments will be provided.



Early Childhood Ireland National Pyjama Day

MFRC Preschool kids and staff and our Local Training Initiative participants will be taking part in National Pyjama Day 2012 on Friday March 23rd in aid of The Irish Hospice Foundation Children's Hospice Home Care Programme.  Donation boxes are distributed around the centre and participants also have sponsorship cards, please support this worthy cause..





'Tipp FM Roadshow Broadcasting Live From Millennium Family Resource Centre'


Tipp FM Roadshow will be broadcasting The Classic Cafe programme with Fran Curry live from the Millennium Family Resource Centre on Wednesday 26th October from 12-2pm to launch 'Put The Spotlight On Your Community Festival' competition.

This competition is in conjunction with Tipp FM, South Tipperary Community & Voluntary Forum and North Tipperary Community and Voluntary Association (CAVA).  Entries are invited from an organisation or community-based event in a club, village or town anywhere in the county. 

The event will be one that benefits the local community adn could be an arts or cultural event, a sport event, a day of celebration, a fundraising activity, some type of community festival or indeed some other activity which brought your community together to improve the quality of life in that community.   The Competition is open to all sorts of ideas so don't be afraid to be imaginative!!!

10 Lucky events will be selected from around the county.  5 from South Tipperary and 5 from North Tipperary.  The 5 winners will be broken into different categories, 2 small events, 2 large events, & 1 special category. 

The chosen events will receive a FREE TARGETTED advertising and marketing package, giving the event fantastic publicity on Tipp FM.  This advance publicity will put great focus on the event and will increase awareness of the event countywide.  Tipp FM will broadcast a full prime time show with links throughout the day live from the event.

Representatives from both North and South Tipperary Community and Voluntary forums will be present in the centre for the launch of the competition to give advice assistance to potential competition applicants.  This competition has been funded by South Tipperary Development Company. 

Millennium Family Resource Centre are delighted to be a part of this launch and welcome you to pop into our centre for a bit of fun, to learn more about the competition, and to see the activities and services that Millenium Family Resource Centre has to offer...  Looking forward to seeing you here on the 26th....

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